"Top 5": Colombia

"Top 5": Colombia

I would say saving the best for last....but truly all "Top 5" features have been amazing! Wrapping up the "Top 5" series with Colombia. This gets me beyond excited and hopefully you too. You're about to get some real gems from a true Colombiana (born and raised) and fellow travel enthusiast and blogger Andrea Guerrero. She's the face behind La Foto Travel and Vive Chicago where she shares her travel experiences across the globe and life living as a Colombian in Chicago.

Without further ado , let's get into Andrea's list you can't miss if you're visiting this paradise in South America.


La Topatolondra

If you love to dance and you're in Cali the Salsa Capital, you have to enjoy a night dancing at La Topatolondra. Here is where you can find locals and tourists dancing all night. 

Pro Tip: There's teachers here where you can learn how to dance the best salsa in the world here.



Cartagena, one of the most touristy cities in Colombia has a street just for candy! Yes, homemade candy made with all natural fruits and products like coconut, papaya, peanuts and more.

Pro Tip: Next time you visit La Heroica, enjoy a nice cocada while walking in the old city.


Cocora Valley

Ever imagine hundreds of hummingbirds flying around you? Well if you love those beauties and like the outdoors, you have to visit Cocora Valley.

Pro Tip: You can see the the wax palm, Colombia's national tree and the country's symbol. 


Múcura Island

If you're dreaming of a paradise, that's definitely Múcura Island. There are no words for me to describe it. I'm in love with this island in the Caribbean. Beautiful sunset, amazing marine life, delicious food and the best people!

Pro Tip: If you're on this island you'll get a beautiful sunset, amazing marine life, delicious food and amazing people.


Colombian Pacific Coast

The Colombian Pacific coast is an area with high biodiversity, amazing sunsets, a beach with cliffs and the place where the Humpback Whales give birth to their ballenatos (baby whales in Spanish). 

Pro Tip: Don't be surprised if you see a live birth of a Humpback Whale. It's both beautiful and a natural show that can't go unnoticed.