"Top 5": Philadelphia

"Top 5": Philadelphia

Philadelphia is more than Philly Cheese Steaks. From the words of a Philly native, "Prepare to bring out the inner hippie in you and enjoy being a kid again." Daniel Young, travel enthusiast and photographer described the vibe in Fish town - a local hood in Philadelphia and home to one of his "Top 5" hidden gems, Barcade. From quaint nostalgic bars to a Latin restaurant and rum bar, Dan shared a list of local hidden gems you'll most likely catch him having a good time when he's not traveling across the world. Cool Fact: I met Dan a year ago over Instagram (shout out to social media). Similar to other travel enthusiasts I've met, we kept in contact over our shared love for travel, especially overseas. Dan just got back from Bali and man, his pictures alone makes you anxious to cross off destinations off your bucket list. Travel is truly life.

Let's get into these "Top 5" spots in Philly. If you've never been, take note. If you've been to Philly, still take note. There's no shortage in creating new memories. Let's follow.

Yakiotori Boy

I recently stumbled across this energetic place looking for a post dinner spot. Yakitoriboy is a true hidden gem right in the heart of Chinatown in Philadelphia. 

Pro tip: It's one of the best karaoke spots in town. A great place to bring a group of friends to sing the night away!



Did someone say drinks and arcade games?! If you we’re ever struggling with last-minute fun date plans, or a night out catching up with your old childhood friends, look no further than this quaint nostalgic bar.

Pro Tip: Located in Fish town, be prepared to bring out the inner hippie in you and enjoy being a kid again.


Concourse Dance Bar

This place took me by surprise! I liked to think that I knew all of the hot spots in the city, but I was wrong. A friend of mines told me about this up and coming new-age dance club called Concourse. I was skeptical because I haven't heard of it. But was shocked after having such an awesome experience there. 

Pro Tip: Get there early because the lines are long. There's also a playground theme with a slide and a glowing ball pit. 


Xfinity Live! Philadelphia 

Xfinity live is a lively sports bar venue. When it comes to watching any professional sport, from Basketball to Boxing, Xfinity Live is a place to go!

Pro Tip: One of the local favorite things to do is watch people ride the raging mechanical bull. Watching people ride the bull after watching the game is definitely a highlight!


Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

Tired of constant replays of your favorite top 40's song? Look no further than this Latin gem! That one salsa lesson you took years ago just might come in handy.

Pro Tip: Make sure you wear dress shoes - that includes heels ladies! They are strict with the dress code.