"Top 5": BALI

I randomly asked 5 people I know to list their top 5 local "go-to's" or hidden gems in their hood. I'll sporadically share their top 5's so we too can experience these gems. I believe the best recommendations comes from the locals living there. Not knocking recommendations provided by hotels and concierge services, but wouldn't you want an authentic local experience shared by an actual local? *raises hand*..Seriously, there's nothing like experiencing the nitty gritty, day to day hustle and bustle, and pure joy of enjoying the heart of a new travel destination. Deirdre, better known as "The Black Bali Plug" shared her top 5 list of hidden gems in Bali, Indonesia. You may remember her from her "Keep Shining" feature where she gave us a look into her life as a self-made entrepreneur, why she became an American Expat living in Bali, and her inspirational advice for those like me interested in packing up their bags and making another country their second home. Let's follow her to the spots in Bali you'll most likely find her living her best life, why they capture her soul and possibly ours.


Folk Pool Gardens in Ubud (Pool Club)

Pro Tip: This place is great during the day, but becomes even more magical at night. 


Sangeh Monkey Forest 

Pro Tip: Sangeh Monkey Forest is a bit less intimidating than the one in Ubud. Get a guide and you'll get the most amazing pics. 


Umapakel Restaurant

Pro Tip: Make sure you go all the way to the back of the restaurant to take advantage of the observation platforms and swings.


Tibumana Waterfall

Pro Tip: It tends to be less crowded than Tegenungan. Take a book with you, it can be peaceful enough to have a nice read at times.


Udara Bali

Pro Tip: This is my favorite day spa! On Sundays they have free yoga, dance, and admission to their amenities. Take your own towel and its totally free (as of 3.2018).