Whisky In Paris

Whisky In Paris

If you know me, whisky and bourbon are my go to’s. “What’s your most popular bourbon or whisky drink?” is my go to line every time I’m at a restaurant or a bar. I like my liquor dark, I like my coffee dark, I like my beer dark. So there was no surprise when I stumbled upon Brenne Whisky after seeing a peer of mines rave about how good it is on Instagram. After doing some research, Brenne Whisky had me at well of course whisky, hand crafted from Cognac, France and owned by a woman - because women are beautiful, powerful and fearless and I’m all for women supporting women. My creative juices started flowing and motivated me to reach out to Brenne Whisky’s owner Allison Parc who agreed to let me bring my idea of a lifestyle travel inspired photo shoot to feature on my travel site Where’s She Going? to creatively market the Brenne Whisky brand. What’s neat about Allison is she discovered her passion for food and drinks after pursuing a career as a professional ballerina. Her love for food and drinks helped immerse herself in different cultures, visited local markets, wineries and distilleries all while traveling the globe helping her develop an appreciation for great tasting experiences. Specifically whisky. Allison decided to take matters into her own hands and started an import/export company where Brenne Whisky was born. Brenne Whisky officially launched October 2012 in New York City and Allison’s second whisky brand Brenne Ten was released exactly 3 years later October 2015 and well, the rest was history.

Without further ado, bring your suitcase, your passport and follow me.


A group of millennial women arrive to their Parisian style Airbnb loft in Paris in celebration of a much needed girls trip. A break away from the daily hustle and bustle of being young, ambitious professionals from Chicago.


They arrive to their Airbnb, in the heart of Paris. Modern, sleek, and deep hues of oranges, yellows and all things fall.  


They unpack before hitting the town...


To their surprise, their Airbnb host Chris left them welcome gifts, including a bottle of Brenne Whisky handcrafted from Cognac, France - only 4 hours away from Paris and a bottle of Brenne Ten - a limited edition whisky aged 10 years. Paris already started to feel like home.


Give 5 girls two bottles of whisky, a tartine board including chicken curry, prosciutto, fig, and seasonal fruit, roasted turkey and avocado, and smoked salmon, accompanied by a mini tarts board and  cupcakes with some French flare screams “welcome home” and “pre-game essentials.” Paris knew we have arrived and apparently our Airbnb host knew too.


This whisky is not a punk. At 40%, a mixed concoction was a must. Luckily our Airbnb host had a couple limes, some fresh mint, an ice maker and a cocktail shaker in the kitchen. That’s all we needed.


When I say incredibly smooth, this whisky is the chosen one. Usually whisky when you first pop the cap has a kick to the nose you may not be prepared for. But Brenne was so subtle, seeping out fresh fruity tones that paired perfectly with the freshness of the mint and the zest from the lime. With only 2 shots of Brenne Whisky, our lime and mint concoction was perfect. But you know what that means, if you can barely taste the liquor, it’s great. Oh and give it an hour, a couple sips turned into a third round of “Salud!” and you know your vacation is off to a great start.

A HUGE thank you to the beautiful ladies who woke up on a Sunday afternoon to participate in the staged photo shoot - Kori Coleman, Corlyn Chevalier, Alice Achterhof and Raven Jay. Thanks to my friend Chris Clark who was our on shoot Airbnb host and real life host, offering his beautiful space at K2 Apartments to make this travel shoot come to life. And last but not least, thanks to the very talented Dolly Avenue for capturing everyone and everything in it's essence. She’s a master behind the camera, trust me.

Thanks to all of the participating partners - Brenne Whisky, Le Pain Quotidien for the delicious Parisian bites and Swirlz Cupcakes.