A Time For Us At Flowering Almond Spa

Self care has been in full affect for me since 2016. Yes I know, everyday should be self care day. Until now, I wasn’t as diligent in giving true self love aside from the occasional visits to the nail shop. To stay on my self care momentum, I couldn’t head back to Chicago this Sunday from my trip to Norfolk, Virginia without visiting a spa. Wednesday, I found one nestled inside Founder’s Inn & Spa - a beautiful resort in Virginia Beach. The Flowering Almond Spa is the resort’s luxury full service spa where we were anxiously headed.  My fiance Nieman and I followed a pathway through the resort’s garden filled with flowers shining vibrant hues of reds and pinks. The trickle of water from the fountain in the center of the garden added to the tranquil essence of the resort’s ambiance and high class colonial style country club aesthetic. We finally reached the spa lobby and prepared to enter a pamper oasis.


We entered the beautiful and very well kept lobby of the Flowering Almond Spa. The gentleman at the front desk prepped us with paperwork for our “Mr. & Mrs.” couples spa package - because couples that self care together stay together! Side note, make sure your answers are transparent to the questions asked on the paperwork that Flowering Almond Spa provides (i.e. do you bruise easily, any medical conditions, etc). It’s thorough, but you’re instantly at ease to see that the spa professionals care to personalize each spa experience according to your needs. Before heading to the locker room to strip down into robes, I met with Mechelle,  the Spa Manager who made it all happen! She was the absolute sweetest in helping Nieman and I set up our appointment beforehand and even declared herself a new loyal fan of the blog. Cool points duly noted. When you stop by the spa, ask for Mechelle and don’t be afraid to say hi. Prepare to be greeted with a warm smile and superb customer service.


After Nieman and I changed into our robes, we noticed an instantaneous feeling of tranquility taking over both our bodies and minds while walking down a long, narrow hall to our private room. My eyes were drawn to the candle fixtures mounted on the wall, mesmerized by the warm yellow tones that seeped out of each candle. The ambiance of the spa already put us at ease. I could only imagine the R&R we were about to endure.


At the end of the hall we were greeted by warm smiles and cups of water by Lauren (Esthetician) and Danielle (Massage Therapist). We left our self care in their hands and followed them into our private room.


We walked into a dark, cozy room illuminated by natural lighting that seeped through each open space between the wooden blinds and a couple wall lamps. Candle dishes filled with multi-colored sea shells and mini candles laid along the cherry wood ledge, adding a nautical touch to the decor.


Two massage beds sat in the center of the room, with the covers slightly undressed with an open invitation to join. Before laying face down into a u-shaped cradle, Lauren and Danielle brought out three essential massage oils for us to choose from. Lavender reigned as the winner out of all three. Both ladies prepped us for our 80 minute Couples Swedish massage -  the first thing included in our Mr. & Mrs. spa package. Our skin was lubricated with the Lavender oil while simultaneously taking deep breaths allowing the scent to fill our lungs. As each therapist performed various massage strokes facing down for the first half and facing up for the second half, every movement warmed up each muscle tissue releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle knots. Before the massage, you will be asked your pressure preference - light, medium or hard. Deep tissue massages are a little harsh for me so I chose light to medium. Light enough where the massage is soothing but deep enough to smooth out the kinks. Nieman went straight for hard.

A 25 minute Couples Reflexology followed suit which is also included in our spa package. Lauren and Danielle tapped into specific reflex points on our feet by kneading, pulling on our toes, tracing the round heel and pushing deep into the arch which felt amazing. By the end of the full body massage, I felt rejuvenated and my body fell into deep relaxation. Nieman on the other hand, fell into a deep sleep, snores and all. If that’s not the ultimate form of relaxation, what is.


Next up, the Conservatory. We were lead to an open space within the spa where guests can relax pre or post spa services. You'll be tempted to bask in the sun rays that gleam through all of the wooden windows onto the the decor.


If you look out the middle window, there’s a picturesque view of the resort’s colonial garden and pond. I had to take in the view.


A snack station with an assortment of fresh and dried fruits, nuts, pretzels and your choice of orange or cucumber water were at our service. This is what I called luxury. After grabbing a few snacks, Nieman and I did exactly what the mini gold plated sign on the snack table told us to do, we got into a “Spa Zone”.


Conclusively, we were greeted by the final service included in our Mr. & Mrs. spa package - chocolate covered strawberries and bubbly. “Nieman & Kamerin” were signed on a white envelope. To our surprise, inside was a thank you letter ending in a warm regards from the entire Flowering Almond Spa team. It’s the little things that adds to an amazing experience that keeps you coming back.  This personal touch made a full day of self care a memorable one. What’s wonderful about this full service spa is that there’s a plethora of spa services you can explore. You also have full access to the spa amenities including the outdoor pool.


To savor the moment, we took one last exhale while basking in the natural sun rays shining from the window. We were at the peak of relaxation.. Your body is your temple and you only get one in your lifetime. So taking care of it is a must. Your body will thank you for it. As we walked out of the Conservatory to head to the locker room to change out of our robes, one of the staff members yelled, “We hope to see you again soon!”  What she didn’t know was in my mind, I was already planning my next visit.