Keep Shining: Jessalin Lam

Keep Shining: Jessalin Lam
If you really want to grow, be comfortable with the uncomfortable.
— Jessalin Lam

Who is Jessalin Lam?

I'm a Relationship Manager at a creative business school called HyperIsland based in New York. A Queens, NY native, a 2016 ADCOLOR Futures inductee, diversity advocate and a jetsetter.

What makes you jump out of bed every morning?

I get up every morning to continue creating my life's story. The world is what you make of it. So every day is a gift and we decide how we want to unwrap it.

How do you define inspiration?

It's something that makes you want to take action after having a creative spark. It also fuels you to share those ideas with others.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be and why?

I would remind my younger self to be selective with who you let into your life since there are so many people who rather see you fail. I used to want to be friends with everyone and I have learned that it's all about quality over quantity. It makes a phenomenal difference when the network around you are all there to help you and cheer you on.

Who is your role model and how do they inspire you?

I never really had a role model in life. I'm not sure if it is weird to say, but I am my own role model. I aspire to be someone that my future kids will look up to and that motivates me to continue to seize my potential. With that mindset, I'm prepared to share my experiences and stories with my future kids to inspire them do great things in life. Ultimately, I inspire myself by reflecting on where I have been, where I am today and thinking forward into the future.

What is an accomplishment you're most proud of and why?

It means the world to me to be a 2016 ADCOLOR Future this year! I am extremely honored to be 1 of 30 young, minority rising stars setting the stage for the future within the media, marketing, advertising and public relations industries. The ADCOLOR community is a valuable resource to have as you're surrounded around people who champion diversity and inclusion. This accomplishment has triggered my passion for diversity and I look forward to partnering with other diversity leaders to make a positive impact on others.

If you could share with the world something interesting about yourself, what would it be?

My boyfriend Will and I are jetsetters! We're always traveling and planning our next trip. We just came back from Japan and we're off to Dubai in two weeks. We love traveling the world, creating travel itineraries, stumbling upon deals and enjoying the perks of free hotels thanks to our little life hacks.

How do you overcome fear?

If you really want to grow, be comfortable with the uncomfortable. The uncomfortable could be defined as fear. I overcome fear by thinking about what would happen if I took a leap of faith rather than being scared. I think about the many benefits to that specific situation if I took action and how it would help me grow as a person, adding a new life experience.

What does the phrase "Keep Shining" mean to you?

For me, when I tell people to keep shining, I think of telling someone to stay bright as the star they are. To keep creating incredible movements to positively change our future. When you are a star, you light the way for those in darkness.

I am unapologetically authentic because...?

I'm not afraid to share my personal experiences. Especially through my blog the Joy of Jessalin. My goal is to  encourage others to exert positivity and do what makes them happy.


Jessalin Lam is an enthusiastic jetsetter, diversity advocate, and passionate philanthropist who loves inspiring and connecting people. She is currently a Relationship Manager at Hyper Island, a creative business school with consulting services to empower people to become better leaders through tailored learning and development programs. Jessalin is also a 2016 ADCOLOR Futures and active member of The Advertising Club of New York and She Runs It.