Welcome tribe! Thanks for joining me on my journey and letting me be apart of yours. My name is Kamerin Chambers – Founder & Editor. I’m a Chicago native always on the prowl to discover new experiences wherever I travel. I have 7+ years of experience working in both creative agency and client settings. I’ve had the pleasure to work across a multitude of industries and roles from public relations, to content creation, account/client services and project management. Diving headfirst into my experiences has equipped me with a range of skills that I leverage to excel within my professional life while motivating those around me. My passion for travel and motivating others came to life September 2016 when I decided to launch Where’s She Going? which inspires multi-passionate professionals to explore their freedom to live the exact life they want TODAY. Staying spiritually grounded, not letting fear interfere with goals I want to accomplish within my professional and personal life, and taking risks has helped me live life on the edge LOL. With all seriousness, it has helped me live a fulfilled life with no regrets. I believe life is too short to settle for one you don’t absolutely love!

Outside of my love for traveling, content creation, creative directing, my full time job, and mentoring at my alma mater DePaul University, I’m an iStock Contributor building my photography portfolio one candid at a time.

I believe life should be measured in rich experiences, not dollar signs. Where you end up isn’t nearly as important as the path you took to get there.

Traveling, especially overseas, is one of many that brought me closer to living life wholeheartedly and transforming into my most authentic self. For that inner wanderlust in all of us, here is where your community lie.